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Taxi fares in Kuala Lumpur are according to meters. It is illegal to charge passengers without using the meter. If the driver refuses, just wait for another taxi. Don't worry, there will be plenty of taxis to send you to your desired destination.
Before travelling by taxi in KL, we recommend that you check the city map, so you can estimate your journey based on how far away your destination is.

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Starts operating as early as 6.00 am; travelling in KL by bus may be the cheapest and most convenient way to reach your destination. There are a lot of buses in KL, especially in hotspots.
Normal waiting time is between 10 minutes and 30 minutes, depending on your destination. However, bear in mind that these buses may come later than expected, particularly during peak hours.
Tips before boarding any bus:

  • Find out which busses cover your destination. It is better to know beforehand the number of the right bus.

  • Prepare exact fare as the bus driver or conductor seldom has change.

There are several operating bus companies in KL, namely MYrapidKL, Metro Bus, SJ Bus etc.



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